It is nearly impossible to hold off eating a piece of cake or a donut, Right? Many of us take an unyielding approach to sugar and junk food.

Sugar when devoured in overabundance, it’s a poison. What’s more, it’s addictive! Today it’s practically unthinkable in our food culture to dodge sugar.

Table sugar, refined sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, natural crude sugar, and upwards of 300 more are names the food business provides for regular sugar. Whatever you call it, it’s something very similar, which is a mix of equivalent pieces of two single sugars, glucose and fructose.

After you eat or drink something high in sugar, you get a momentary flood of energy which typically bubbles down as quickly as it came.

This jolt of energy is otherwise called a sugar surge, which is only all that sugar gets legitimately blended in your circulation system spiking your glucose levels.

This proceeds with each time you eat sugar-rich nourishments and drinks, and gradually your digestion won’t handle that additional sugar you continued taking care of. All things being equal, it begins putting away it as fat, and you know overabundance of fat causes plenty of medical issues.

Let’s see how processed sugars are more dangerous than most of us realize and how excess sugar can kill you.


On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of excruciating, pain-filled joints, you realize aggravation is a significant patron. Shockingly, sugar secretes provocative proteins and hormones, which create persistent irritation. The poisons in sugar can even change your ligament, making it more defenceless against harm.

Regardless of whether your joint agony results from injury, burning-through sugar can prevent the mending cycle and exacerbate the torment. Cut back on prepared nourishments and you’ll probably feel the distinction.


Ongoing discoveries interface sugar to vision issues like fogginess, twofold vision, and long-haul vision issues. High glucose can prompt growing in the focal point of your eye, putting you “at a higher danger of suffering from cataracts,” as per the American Optometric Association.

It can likewise cause the veins in your eyes to contract, putting you in danger of glaucoma. This could forever harm your optic nerve if proper treatment is not done. On the off chance that this wasn’t sufficiently unnerving, high glucose makes you defenceless to age-related macular degeneration, a condition where your retina weakens.


You can download all the cerebrum preparing applications you need, however whenever refined sugars are a standard staple in your eating regimen, you’re probably going to endure and suffer the results. An excessive amount of sugar can affect your memory and intellectual capacity, particularly as you age.

It is also proven that excess sugar is even a danger factor for dementia. Your cerebrum needs sugar to keep working regularly, yet over-burdening it can cause significantly more long-haul harm. On the off chance that you truly care about yourself, be aware of what you’re eating.

Try switching to ‘Natural Sweeteners” like jaggery, dates syrup, stevia, jaggery syrup etc. These small smart changes will benefit you in long run for sure.

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