When it’s about a healthy Indian diet, chapatti or roti holds all importance. It is the staple diet of every Indian thali or plate. Just like Indian food is incomplete without pulse and rice, similarly, Indian food is not even complete with the perfect chapati. Made from whole grain wheat flour there are various variations of wheat flours available such as sharbati wheat, sihore wheat, common bread wheat, durum wheat, stone vs steel milling and regular wheat. But among all these varieties; KHAPLI or EMMER wheat stands stall. Also called samba, emmer or diabetic wheat. Khapli or Emmer wheat is enriched with properties that help treat cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Emmer wheat lowers the amount of lipid and glucose in the blood making this wheat a healthier option for fitness enthusiasts. Unlike regular wheat, emmer wheat is fully loaded with dietary fibers and gives you energy all day long.

1- RICH IN FIBERS Because emmer wheat is enriched in fibers unlike regular wheat, it helps in maintaining an ideal weight and manages the bowel level appropriately. Emmer wheat also helps in curing and treating numerous diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, and several others. Also by consuming emmer wheat you are allowing your bowel bacteria to adjust the changes. Whereas regular wheat is rich in carbs and other nutrients but does not benefit the body as much as emmer wheat does.

2- HELPS IN CONTROLLING DIABETES Khapli or emmer wheat is less gluten-free and has a less glycemic index which helps in controlling diabetes from the body. Emmer wheat can lower down blood glucose, lipid levels, and high-temperature stress tolerance as compared to regular wheat. Emmer wheat is not only enriched with fiber but also has an adequate amount of protein which helps in preventing high blood sugar levels, hence making it the perfect choice for diabetic patients.

3- LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX The GI of any food item depends upon the type and amount of carb molecules in the food. Also the fat, protein and organic acids content define the GI of any food item. To maintain perfect hygiene and health, it’s crucial to maintain a low glycemic index. And emmer wheat has a low GI and helps in balancing good sugar levels of the body. And especially for pregnant women consumption of emmer wheat is important because it helps in maintaining the right growth of the fetus. Whereas low GI cannot be achieved with regular wheat consumption.

4- EASY TO DIGEST For attaining healthier digestive systems and reducing constipation problems, emmer wheat is useful. By consuming emmer wheat, in just a few weeks the bacteria of the bowel can adjust itself without arising constipation problems. Also, it’s suggested for those persons to intake emmer wheat who have consistently constipation problems. Unlike regular wheat, emmer wheat can be digested easily in the human body and makes the body and bowel lightweight.

Bowl filled with wheat flour on a rustic wooden table. Bowl is on left side and on right side there is a heap of whole wheat seeds. In front of the bowl, there are three wheat ears. Shot with a DSLR Canon EOS 5D Mark II

5- VITAMINS AND MINERALS Vitamins and minerals go hand in hand. And everyone knows how crucial vitamins and minerals are for the human body. But sometimes, people ignore vitamins and minerals in their daily diet. That’s why emmer wheat should be consumed because it is enriched in vitamin B3 and minerals which makes the bones, teeth, muscles, cells and tissues stronger for the well-functioning of the human body.

Through this article, it can be concluded that emmer wheat is comparatively much better than regular wheat. Eating emmer wheat will make the body healthy and stronger.

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    Sharbati wheat is a type of wheat that is known for its soft texture, rich aroma, and high gluten content. It is mainly grown in the Indo-Gangetic Plains of India and is commonly used for making chapatis and other traditional Indian breads.

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