Do you ever come to understand why doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, and other health care professionals prescribe millets as the elixir to the battle of weight loss? Because it’s the sure-shot and cost-effective remedy for weight loss. If you ask any fitness enthusiast about the sure-shot remedy for weight loss, they will only suggest including millets in the regular meals. Besides being gluten-free, millets boost your health and help in gaining appropriate weight.

Millets are available in the market in countless varieties, you can walk off to the supermarket anytime to purchase your preferred millet. But apart from all other millets, Ragi is the best to start for weight loss. Earlier, when wheat and rice were not the staple food for Indians, Ragi was consumed regularly. Ragi is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibers and unlike other cereals, Ragi requires less water and ground fertility.

Different ways from which millets helps in the reduction of weight
Gluten is the major cause of gaining bodyweight. That’s why the consumption of millets like ragi in daily routine helps in overall weight loss. Because as told earlier ragi is gluten-free and gluten-free food helps in losing weight at a faster speed. Especially the fat collected around the abdominal area can be lost with ragi. For those persons who are trying to achieve a slim body, ragi comes as the savior to their life because it’s also enriched in fiber.

The deficiency of iron leads to inflammation and anemia. Millets or ragi are a good source of vitamin C which also proven to be helpful in the absorption of iron in the blood. The absorbed iron from the body will ultimately result in the loss of weight and also reduction of inflammation can be achieved. By consuming ragi, you can easily prevent obesity, provide energy, improve digestion and also treat chronic diseases.

Healthy sleep and calm mind help in attaining a healthier and ideal weight. With millets, you can improve the cognitive health of your body. Ragi is also helpful in relaxing nerves which helps in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, headaches and depression. That’s why it’s suggested by many health professionals to consume a cup of millet every day for attaining a slim yet healthier body. Also, take the sufficient amount of sleep required for attaining the desired weight.

Everyone knows that to maintain a healthy heart and an ideal weight, managing the level of cholesterol is very important. And here Ragi plays a crucial role, it prevents and cures high blood pressure and cholesterol. Ragi can reduce the risk of coronary diseases and stroke. If ragi is consumed in raw form, it helps in less plaque formation and also blockage of vessels. Also the risk or chances of hypertension, cardiac diseases becomes very low with an adequate amount of ragi.

After this discussion, it can be concluded that ragi is very helpful in maintaining an ideal weight after weight loss, maintaining a healthier body, and also maintaining overall hygiene. Millets or Ragi are the natural derivations of calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and other essential nutrients. Millets help in weight loss because it has low calorie, dietary fibers, policosanols, and tryptophan. Jowar, Bajra, and Ragi are the best millets you can consume on a daily routine to get a slim and perfect body shape. However, no other millet will give benefits as ragi has.

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