Motivated by a ‘Motherly Mission’ created by a Woman-
Mindful eating is all the more relevant in today’s time given that lifestyle diseases are cropping up due to highly processed foods which have zero nutrition and are loaded with chemicals & additives. Today our busy lifestyle, lack of time has gotten instant; highly processed foods prominent space on retail shelves & in our kitchens. The way our ancestors ate & cooked is replaced with modern convenient food practices.
On a mission to improve my own health during my pregnancy and suffering a health setback I became fascinated by the healing powers of food for optimum health and wellbeing. I decided to create the BEUNOSH range of healthy super dense nutrients-based foods.
Beunosh Organics is my sincere attempt to offer conscious alternatives for conscious consumers; as I strongly believe that everyone should be able to regain and revive themselves to optimal health with products made in harmony with nature. These rich, nutritious and natural products can be easily added into our daily lifestyle either by swapping or by simply adding a couple of spoonfuls every day to enrich our daily diet.
We at Beunosh are proud to say that our products are completely free from nasty chemicals, preservatives, additives like colors, enhancers, unnecessary processing that rips off the nutrients, fillers, adulteration, animal testing. Just full of organic ingredients aimed to help you care for your health and your family’s well-being.
With honesty and integrity at the heart and simplicity at soul of everything at Beunosh, I look forward to continuing our commitment to delivering simple yet significant products to people around the globe.

Proudly handcrafted in India.
From our family with love,

Amrita Khurana

Power of a consumer; Power of you!
As consumers, we have a say in what our food landscape should look like. Each time we walk into the grocery store and purchase a Fair Trade, unprocessed wholefood we vote for a healthier food system and healthier policies.
At Beunosh; we want people to understand that while they may occasionally feel lost & powerless, they actually have great power as consumers. Our aim is to help consumers connect the dots and help them understand that with every purchase they make; they have the opportunity to make an impact.
By choosing a Beunosh Product, you are making a choice that impacts the health of our ecosystem and the workers in our supplier communities. In addition, buying all women produced product; benefit & empower our local farmers, suppliers & women by allowing them to reinvest back into their communities, their kids’ education & more.

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