Contemporary wellness food brand inspired by traditional food wisdom.

BEUNOSH is a contemporary Wellness Food Brand inspired by traditional food wisdom and the incredible healing power of food. Fascinated by ancient food practices, the brand draws its inspiration from the phenomenal potency of daily nutrition that can be derived from Indian millets & grains, Indian superfoods, healing herbs & spices in healing and prevention of many lifestyle diseases.

During our extensive 3 years research we learnt that individual’s food choice and health behaviors are directly linked to chronic non-communicable diseases also called as lifestyle diseases. 

Mindful eating is all the more relevant in today’s time given that lifestyle diseases are cropping up due to highly processed foods which have zero nutrition and are loaded with chemicals & additives. Today our busy lifestyle, lack of time has gotten instant; highly processed foods prominent space on retail shelves & in our kitchens. The way our ancestors ate & cooked is replaced with modern convenient food practices.
We strongly believe that choices we make about what we eat, where it comes from, and how it’s prepared have a powerful impact on the health of individuals, communities and the environment.

BEUNOSH is our sincere attempt of inspiring and empowering families and individuals to make healthier food choices; we offer an array of products from single to multi-ingredient superfood blends to convenient breakfast mixes and wholefood flours.

 Our aim is to make sure that every product of Beunosh has a benefit to our body. 

Handcrafted at our state of art manufacturing kitchen, our ‘all women’ unit follow cold-milling, solar drying, hand-pounding, stone grinding techniques to craft our products.

We offer 4 categories of products from morning BREAKFAST MIXES made with whole millets, SATTVIC FLOUR blends with whole ancient grains, NATIVE SNACKS for mid meal hunger-pangs and HEALING SUPERFOOD Latte Blends for stronger immunity & recovery.

The product line is designed around main aggregators responsible for clustering of lifestyle risk factors such as-

  • Lack of Sleep.
  • Compromised Gut Health.
  • Hyper tension, stress, fatigue.
  • Inflammation, Metabolic disorders, Obesity & Hormonal Imbalances.
  • Highly processed modern day food habits.

Each product at BEUNOSH is a reflection of our passion for ancient food wisdom and practices, our love for homegrown millets & wholefoods. We’re committed to keeping it simple, the way nature intended, providing only high-quality products, whole in nature, without nasty ingredients.  All our ingredients are harvested from certified local farmlands and freeze-dried to preserve the highest nutritional value.

All our products are 100% VEGAN, Synthetic Sugar-Free, NON-GMO, Unbleached, Zero fillers and free from nasty ingredients.

Get to healing your body with foods created by nature & mindfully crafted at Beunosh!

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