Gourmet Whole-foods. (Pronounced as ‘byu_nosh’); acronym of “Beauty of Food” (nosh = food).

BEUNOSH draws its inspiration from the old food wisdom preserved by indigenous safe-keepers; our grandmothers! The brand came into existence as an extension to our deep rooted believe in ancient food & wellness wisdom. Formulated for modern lifestyle, with a vision to revolutionize traditional, heirloom super-foods into convenient & highly practical products that are easy on-the-go yet dense in nutrients.

Every product at Beunosh is continuation of our believe of fuelling our body with healthy, whole natural food as a fundamental right to living best balanced life & a sincere attempt to re-incorporate disregarded ancient wholefoods back into our kitchens as lack of time should not be a reason to comprise healthy eating

Every product at Beunosh is –

-Designed to save your time,

-Easy to make,

-Smart alternative to modern processed food.

All this we achieve through our food crafting methods. And through our nutritionists, food chemists and process engineers. In the end, you receive a product that really takes you one step further to good health; that a promise!


Our Claim


There are plenty of foods to choose from. But that is not the point. The point is quality and nutritional benefit. The point is that Amla contain 20 times as much vitamin C than oranges. That coconut oil displays significantly more heat stability than olive oil. And that – in contrast to sun dried fruits – vacuum drying retains 80% of vitamins in our powder blends.


For us all product developments start with questioning the status quo. This also applies for the type and origin of each of our raw materials. As for us quality is synonymous with naturalness. All our products are compilations of simple and clean ingredients. Only REAL FOOD. No fillers. No preservatives. No artificial colours. No artificial sweeteners.  


All our lives are stressful. This is why we designed our products to be easy and quick to use. Whether vacuum-dried Super-Greens for your vitamin boost, a healthy 3-minutes breakfast or 20 grams of protein in no more than three sips. We make your life easy.


Why should you torture your taste buds in order reach your goals? We are convinced that food is supposed to be pleasure and life quality. For this very purpose we develop processes to de-oil soy in order to avoid its very individual taste. To carefully vacuum-dry fruits & vegetables for even more aroma!


Our objective: Be better than the status quo. Better with the results, the ingredients, the simplicity and the taste. 

All this we achieve through our food crafting methods. And through our nutritionists, food chemists and process engineers. In the end, you receive a product that really takes you further to good health.

Brand ideology

  • No pesky chemicals, sugar overload, harmful colorants & lethal fillers.
  • Mindful eating to fight Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS); we are in this together!
  • PROMOTE GRATITUDE NOT GUILT as food is a blissful expression of love, wellness & bio-diversity. Let’s keep it that way.
  • Reinstate what our ancestors ate.
  • Empowering women; by sourcing local, engaging local women workforce.
  • Empowering farmers; our real HEROES.
  • Regular training camps to educate farmers on ‘natural fertilizers, hydro farming, using of oils, herbs, and cow-dung etc. into farming.
  • Ancient ways of pounding, cold-pressing, churning used to retain maximum nutrition.


Beunosh believes “EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE HEALTHY & HAPPY” having partnered with ‘The White Wall Trust’ & NGOs for ‘Action Against Hunger & Depression’, we coordinate & plan wellness campaigns for ‘Girl Child’ & also do our bit for Women empowerment by providing job opportunities. We source locally from our Super Heroes; our Farmers, it gives us the opportunity to impact local communities and empower small farmers in our small way & we have an “all women” team just to empower our fellow females.

I discovered the dark side of commercial food system when I was pregnant with my first child. I was stunned to learn about the flawed food system, questionable ingredients, misleading claims, hidden ingredients & the processing amount modern foods go through from bleaching, dying, colouring, flavouring to boiling further ripping of all nutrients.

Coming from a traditional small town Maharashtrian family I was always aware of healing power of food, our herbs, spices & whole grains; I deeply believed food is the most powerful medicine known to mankind. But like many when I shifted to a metro city & got busy in daily rut I fell prey to ‘fast & convenient’ food.

The mother’s instinct in me made me reinstate my ‘Traditional Approach’ to well-being. In a short space of time, my little family and I went from surviving to thriving all from changing our diet & replacing few daily products. During the shift; I hardly found any brand that took pride in our ancestral food wisdom & promoted our own homegrown superfoods & wholefoods. I was wondering how the coming generation will even know about our rich food heritage. I wanted to transform the outlook; but how?

The answer was institutionalising and revolutionising the manner in which our traditional foods, millets, grains will be perceived & millennials would incorporate it in daily lives.BEUNOSH was thus created to offer traditional ingredients revolutionised into modern blends & initiate ‘True beginnings to good health’.

– Amrita Khurana.

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