Turmeric is a large herbaceous plant, frequently referred to as Indian saffron or golden spice. Turmeric that is displayed on shelves and in spice cabinets is created from the plant's underground roots. Processed turmeric's vivid yellow hue has encouraged several cultures to utilize it as a dye. Curry powder also contains considerable quantities of powdered turmeric.

Turmeric items that are commercially accessible include capsules, teas, powders, and extracts. Turmeric's key element, curcumin, possesses a variety of beneficial biological qualities. As a result, turmeric is recommended for a range of health concerns in Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian healing method. Chronic pain and inflammation are examples of these conditions. Thus, turmeric research as a pain reliever and a healing agent has begun in Western medicine.

This page discusses the nutritional value of turmeric, its potential health benefits, and its possible harmful side effects.

  1. Anti-inflammatory properties

Turmeric has been shown in several studies to decrease inflammation, according to the Arthritis Foundation. This anti-inflammatory property may help alleviate the joint pain experienced by those who have arthritis. The foundation recommends that 400-600 milligrams (mg) of turmeric capsules be taken for inflammation relief up to three times a day.

  • Relief of pain

Turmeric is considered a reliever of pain. Additionally, spice is said to be a pain reliever for arthritis. Turmeric appears to function and ibuprofen (Advil) for pain relief in persons with knee arthritis. Though dose recommendations seemed to differ, participants in the research consumed 800 mg of turmeric daily in pill form.

  • Improvement in liver function

Turmeric gained notice lately because of its antioxidant capabilities. The antioxidant effect of turmeric seems so strong that it can prevent toxins from causing harm to your liver. That may be good news. Confident source for persons who use powerful diabetic medicines or other medical disorders might harm their liver with long-term usage.

  • May reduce the risk of cancer.

Curcumin is promising cancer therapy. The studies suggested that pancreas, prostate cancer and multiple myeloma are protected.

  • Digestion

Turmeric gives taste to the cuisine, which explains its curry powder presence. Turmeric may have a vital function in the digestion of this meal. Due to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, spices might aid in good digestion. Turmeric is employed as a digestive healing agent in Ayurvedic medicine. Western medicine has already begun studying Confident Source how turmeric can help two digestive efficiency metrics with intestinal inflammation and gut permeability.

  • Positive mood

Depression is one of America's most prevalent diseases, with around 7 per cent of the population suffering. Fortunately, a nutrient-dense diet (containing turmeric) can help relieve the symptoms.

Researchers feel that oxidative stress and inflammation contribute to depression. Turmeric solves each of these problems and helps the brain make more dopamine, the "feel-good" chemical.

  • Enhanced brain function

Turmeric has active components called curcuminoids. Curcuminoids are potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that can have a significant brain effect. Enhanced memory, tranquillity, and possible protection against Alzheimer's disease are connected to the use of turmeric curcuminoids.

  • Beneficial to the heart

Turmeric reduces the formation of free radicals, and its anti-inflammatory qualities help to decrease inflammation. Additionally, it enhances endothelial function and prevents the development of a variety of cardiovascular illnesses.

  • Turmeric has healing powers.

Because of its inherent antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, it is an excellent disinfectant.  The powder can dust over the afflicted region to help in the healing process. Rather than taking a pill, try this super spice the next time you have an upset stomach or heartburn.

Ways to include turmeric in your diet

Turmeric is a very versatile spice that may incorporate in a multitude of ways to foods, including:

  • Add turmeric to spice combinations such as curry or barbecue rub. 
  • Make a home-crafted dressing with oil, half vinegar and turmeric.
  • Add turmeric to your curries to enhance their flavour.


Do you ever come to understand why doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, and other health care professionals prescribe millets as the elixir to the battle of weight loss? Because it's the sure-shot and cost-effective remedy for weight loss. If you ask any fitness enthusiast about the sure-shot remedy for weight loss, they will only suggest including millets in the regular meals. Besides being gluten-free, millets boost your health and help in gaining appropriate weight.

Millets are available in the market in countless varieties, you can walk off to the supermarket anytime to purchase your preferred millet. But apart from all other millets, Ragi is the best to start for weight loss. Earlier, when wheat and rice were not the staple food for Indians, Ragi was consumed regularly. Ragi is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibers and unlike other cereals, Ragi requires less water and ground fertility.

Different ways from which millets helps in the reduction of weight
Gluten is the major cause of gaining bodyweight. That's why the consumption of millets like ragi in daily routine helps in overall weight loss. Because as told earlier ragi is gluten-free and gluten-free food helps in losing weight at a faster speed. Especially the fat collected around the abdominal area can be lost with ragi. For those persons who are trying to achieve a slim body, ragi comes as the savior to their life because it's also enriched in fiber.

The deficiency of iron leads to inflammation and anemia. Millets or ragi are a good source of vitamin C which also proven to be helpful in the absorption of iron in the blood. The absorbed iron from the body will ultimately result in the loss of weight and also reduction of inflammation can be achieved. By consuming ragi, you can easily prevent obesity, provide energy, improve digestion and also treat chronic diseases.

Healthy sleep and calm mind help in attaining a healthier and ideal weight. With millets, you can improve the cognitive health of your body. Ragi is also helpful in relaxing nerves which helps in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, headaches and depression. That's why it's suggested by many health professionals to consume a cup of millet every day for attaining a slim yet healthier body. Also, take the sufficient amount of sleep required for attaining the desired weight.

Everyone knows that to maintain a healthy heart and an ideal weight, managing the level of cholesterol is very important. And here Ragi plays a crucial role, it prevents and cures high blood pressure and cholesterol. Ragi can reduce the risk of coronary diseases and stroke. If ragi is consumed in raw form, it helps in less plaque formation and also blockage of vessels. Also the risk or chances of hypertension, cardiac diseases becomes very low with an adequate amount of ragi.

After this discussion, it can be concluded that ragi is very helpful in maintaining an ideal weight after weight loss, maintaining a healthier body, and also maintaining overall hygiene. Millets or Ragi are the natural derivations of calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and other essential nutrients. Millets help in weight loss because it has low calorie, dietary fibers, policosanols, and tryptophan. Jowar, Bajra, and Ragi are the best millets you can consume on a daily routine to get a slim and perfect body shape. However, no other millet will give benefits as ragi has.


OLD SAYING “EAT YOUR GREENS”; WHY IT’S IMPORTANT. Do you remember the old saying “Eat your greens”! No wonder why our ancestors stressed so much around greens. It’s good advice. No doubt; Green vegetables offer many benefits to an individual's health, but maximum people refrain from eating green vegetables due to its taste and lack of time. Low in calories, yet high in fiber, vitamins, and phytonutrients, leafy green vegetables are incredible for your health in more ways than you would even suspect. Whether in whole food form, smoothies, or organic greens powders, leafy greens have the power to make you look and feel younger, and can even support healthy aging! Let’s discuss what exactly dark leafy greens are and how it benefits. HEALTHY BLOOD AND SUGAR LEVELS Eating a serving of leafy greens with every meal can support appropriate blood glucose levels. Even just including a little over one extra serving of green leafy vegetables daily can make a big difference! Greens are enriched in minerals such as calcium and potassium which is best for regulating blood pressure. These super greens contain magnesium in high concentration which is responsible for protein manufacture and muscle functioning of the body. The magnesium will helps in improving the blood flow of your body. Greens are also filled with a richness that will provide a sufficient amount of iron to make your body cells healthy. SUPPORTS OPTIMAL BRAIN FUNCTION- Organic vegetables contain high levels of folate (B9). B vitamins have been shown to boost the production of neurotransmitters (chemicals that transfer messages from the brain to the rest of the body) in the brain. Folate is found in leafy green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and lettuce as well as in lemons, bananas, and melons. HEALTHY SKIN WITH RADIANCE Beta-carotene, the plant pigment that we normally associate with carrots and other yellow-orange veggies, is also hiding in leafy greens. Think of leaves changing color in the fall. As they lose chlorophyll (the pigment that makes them green), you can see the red, orange, and yellow pigments those leaves contain underneath. It’s these vibrant colors that are also responsible for the amazing health benefits of leafy greens. SUPPORTS BONE HEALTH- You can get plenty of calcium for supporting optimal bone health from dark leafy greens. Green veggies such as broccoli and kale also contain tons of all-important vitamin K. RELIEF IN THE CONSTIPATION If you are suffering a lot from your constipation problem, then drinking green smoothies will help your body to run smoothly. If you are busy then switching over green powdered smoothies is all you need. Super green powders contain probiotics and live bacteria which helps your body to get relief from constipation problems soon. SUPPORT IMMUNE SYSTEM One of the most promising benefits of leafy greens may be their ability to support your immune system. Dark leafy greens such as moringa leaf can support a healthy response to oxidative damage which, if left untreated, can lead to autoimmunity. WEIGHT LOSS If you are traveling on the journey of weight loss for quite a long time, then the consumption of super green supplements will help you reach your destination. For weight loss, you need a supplement that controls the number of calories you intake without compromising any nutrients, that's why it's recommended to add super green supplements in your daily routine. These super greens are not your diet replacement but supplements after your diet. It can manage and suppress your cravings for oily and junk food. Green supplements support the overall well-being of your body and help in reducing acidity, give a healthier digestive system, and helps in maintaining the nutritional value of your body. Hence switching to greens will give great advantages to your body.  


As we live in the era of coronavirus and prepare to adapt to the 'new normal,' it appears as though health has risen to the top of our priority list. While the globe was becoming more health concerned even before the virus, we must acknowledge how the pandemic changed health and increased our attention on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Enhancing the immunity and healthy body is the first line of defence against any disease and can lessen the chances of the virus leading to serious, life-threatening effects. Therefore, it is critical to incorporate enough immunity-boosting items in our diets to reduce illness risk to a low. Ayurveda, or traditional Indian medical expertise, is highly regarded around the world. Globally, researchers believe that some Indian foods and spices, such as turmeric, are packed with beneficial ingredients that can help our bodies stay healthy. Indian Gooseberry or Amla is used to improve immunity in the following ways: RELIEVES COUGH AND COLD SYMPTOMS We know one of the most afflicted systems by COVID-19 is the respiratory system. It is critical to enhancing the system, and Amla may assist you in doing so. For the most prolonged period, Amla has been used as a cure for cold and cough symptoms. Amla is abundant in vitamin C; critical in building better immunity. BURNS FAT Obesity and being overweight are associated with an increased risk of developing ailments such as diabetes and heart disease. Amla can assist you in losing weight and achieving a healthy BMI. Gooseberries, which are high in fibre and nutrients, provide a variety of weight-loss advantages. ANTIOXIDANTS Amla includes various antioxidants that can assist the body in reducing free radical activity and avoiding oxidative stress. This aids in the body's healing and reduces the chance of sickness. ANTIBACTERIAL Because Amla includes antibacterial attributes, it can also help lower the risk of skin and hair issues. In addition, consuming Amla can assist in detoxifying the body and reducing acne, dandruff, and other skin conditions. CONTAINS CHROMIUM Amla has been identified as containing chromium, which can lower bad cholesterol and lessen the risk of diabetes. Unfortunately, the heart is a crucial organ that has been seriously harmed by COVID-19, with several people worldwide dying of cardiac arrest resulting from the new coronavirus infection. As a consequence, it is important that healthy eating habits be included in your everyday routine. SAFEGUARD THE BODY AGAINST OXIDATIVE STRESS. Amla is a source of antioxidants that aid in the body's elimination of free radicals. Free radicals may destroy cells and damage a number of important organs. Amla is capable of reversing as well as preventing this deterioration. DECREASE THE RISK OF HEART DISEASES Amla powder has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease by reducing cholesterol buildup in the arteries. In addition, Indian gooseberry whole fruit extract ingestion for 12 weeks has been proven to decrease low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol), total cholesterol, and triglycerides, all of which are considered risk factors for heart disease. SKIN AND HAIR HEALTH. Amla is one of the finest anti-aging fruits since it helps maintain healthy, blemish-free skin, reducing the aging process. When crushed and applied to the scalp, Amla leaves help to prevent dandruff and premature hair greying. STOMACH PROBLEMS; CONSTIPATION Amla is a high-fibre fruit that aids in the digestion of meals and so alleviates constipation. In addition, consuming Indian gooseberry fruit extract for four weeks helped reduce the severity and frequency of heartburn episodes, according to research involving adults who suffer from recurrent heartburn.


The nutrient which is mostly treated as less appreciated when compared with different macro and micronutrients is fiber. Many people think that the only role of fiber in the human body is regulating bowels, but no, fiber benefits the human body in many more ways. So what is fiber? In easy words, dietary fiber is a non-digestible carbohydrate found in foods. Fiber is mostly found in plant foodstuffs like fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes. It’s split into two broad categories based on its water solubility: Soluble fiber: Dissolves in water and can be metabolized by the “good” bacteria in the gut. Insoluble fiber: Does not dissolve in water. Fiber is said as one of the primary nutrients which gives relief to constipation. Through consuming fiber, individuals can easily maintain an ideal weight, lower down the risk of diabetes, curing heart diseases. Fiber is the nutrient which a body cannot break down, hence it keeps moving throughout the undigested body. Fiber makes the body's digestive system clean and healthy, helps in easy bowling movements and flushing out the cholesterol from the body. Research has shown that a diet rich in fiber is associated with many health benefits, including the following: BETTER DIGESTIVE HEALTH Fiber help in attaining a better digestive system through easy bowel movements by passing out stools easily. Through this, you will not get the problem of constipation and diarrhea. Also if you consume more fiber rich foodstuffs, you can reduce the risk of diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, gallstones, kidney stones and provide relief to bowel syndrome. Also, high fiber consumption daily will reduce the risk of gastro esophageal reflux disorder. WEIGHT CONTROL A high-fiber diet may help keep you fuller longer, which prevents overeating and hunger between meals. PREVENTION OF DIABETES Fiber-rich food especially those of insoluble fiber like cereals helps in lowering down the risk of diabetes type 2. While if you are already suffering from diabetes, taking soluble fiber food will slow the absorption of sugar and also helps in the improvement of blood sugar levels. In this way, you can protect yourself from diabetes even after eating lots of sweets. But on the condition of following a high fiber food diet daily. GOOD SKIN HEALTH Whenever there is the excretion of yeast and fungus, it can trigger skin outbreaks or even acne. Consumption of fiber-enriched food like phylum husk also called as ‘isabgol’ in India; is a plant seed that help in detoxifying your whole body. And also boosts the health and appearance of your skin. HEART HEALTH To follow a healthy heart diet, include fiber-enriched food especially those of soluble fiber-enriched food to boost your heart health. Eating high fiber food will lower down the bad cholesterol level from your heart and boosts good cholesterol level. Also with fiber-enriched food, the risk of metabolic syndrome is reduced. Fiber is also helpful in reducing inflammation, improving levels of good cholesterol and shed off excess weight from the abdomen side. HOW MUCH FIBER SHOULD ONE EAT? It’s recommended consuming about 25-35 grams of total fiber per day, with 10-15 grams from soluble fiber or 14g of fiber per 1,000 calories. Tips for increasing dietary fiber in your diet- (excerpt from clevelandclinic) • Add fiber to your diet slowly. Too much fiber all at once may cause cramping, bloating, and constipation. • When adding fiber to your diet, be sure to drink adequate fluids (at least 64 ounces or 8 cups per day) to prevent constipation. • Choose products that have a whole grain listed as the first ingredient, not enriched flour. Whole wheat flour is a whole grain--wheat flour is not. • Choose whole grain bread with 2-4 grams of dietary fiber per slice. • Choose cereals with at least 5 grams of dietary fiber per serving. • Choose raw fruits and vegetables in place of juice, and eat the skins. • Try alternative fiber choices such as whole buckwheat, whole wheat couscous, quinoa, bulgur, wheat germ, chia seeds, hemp seeds, lentil pasta, and edamame pasta. • Popcorn is a whole grain. Serve it low-fat without butter for a healthier snack choice. • Sprinkle bran in soups, cereals, baked products, spaghetti sauce, ground meat, and casseroles. Bran also mixes well with orange juice. • Use dried peas, beans, and legumes in main dishes, salads, or side dishes such as rice or pasta. • Add dried fruit to yogurt, cereal, rice, and muffins. • Try brown rice and whole grain pastas. With this, it's been concluded that fiber plays a key role in protecting one's body from being trapped by various diseases. Everyone wants to live a disease-free life that why they must consume high fine enriched food in their daily routine.


Nutrition has a crucial role in promoting general health and well-being. A bad diet may play havoc with your metabolism, lead to weight gain, and even harm vital organs such as the heart and liver. Food does, however, affect another organ — the skin. As scientists develop a more excellent knowledge of nutrition and the human body, it becomes clear that what you eat has a significant influence on the health and aging of your skin. Following are the best foods for preserving a youthful shine on the skin. WALNUTS Walnuts provide several beneficial properties that make them a fantastic source of nutrients for good skin. They provide a fantastic amount of essential fatty acids, lipids that your body cannot synthesize independently. Indeed, they contain more omega-3 and six fatty acids than the majority of other nuts. An omega-6-fat-rich diet may cause inflammation, especially inflammatory skin disorders such as psoriasis. On the other hand, omega-3 fats aid your body in fighting inflammation, particularly in your skin. Because walnuts contain a healthy balance of these fatty acids, they may help combat the inflammatory reaction that may occur when omega-6 is consumed in excess. Additionally, walnuts provide additional nutrients necessary for the normal functioning and wellness of your skin. Walnuts comprise 8% of the daily recommended zinc intake in one ounce (28 g). Zinc is required for the normal functioning of your skin's barrier function. Additionally, it is necessary for wound healing and bacterial and inflammatory defences. FATTY ACIDS- Salmon, mackerel, and herring are all excellent sources of fatty seafood. They include large levels of omega-3 fatty acids required to keep the skin healthy. Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for thick, supple, and moisturized skin. Indeed, a shortage of omega-3 fatty acids can result in dry skin. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish help prevent inflammation, resulting in redness and acne, and They may even reduce your skin's sensitivity to the sun's damaging ultraviolet radiation.Consuming an adequate amount of vitamin E is critical for protecting your skin from damage caused by free radicals and inflammation. Vegetarian option for omega fatty acids; seeds mix- seeds provide same rather dense nutrition for vegetarians. AVOCADOS Avocados are a good source of healthful fats. These fats aid a variety of bodily processes, including skin health. Consuming an adequate amount of these fats is critical for maintaining the flexibility and moisture of the skin. Over 700 women in one study discovered that high consumption of total fat — particularly the sort of good fats found in avocados — was related to more elastic, bouncy skin. According to preliminary data, avocados may also include substances that may help protect your skin from UV damage. UV damage to the skin can result in wrinkles and other ageing indicators. Avocados are also a good source of vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that helps prevent oxidative damage to the skin. Although vitamin C insufficiency is uncommon nowadays, frequent symptoms include dry, rough, and scaly skin prone to bruising. SUNFLOWER SEEDS Nuts and seeds are often nutrient-dense and benefit the skin. Sunflower seeds include 49% of the daily value for vitamin E, 41% of the daily value for selenium, 14% of the daily value for zinc, and 5.5 grams of protein in one ounce (28 grams). SWEET POTATOES One of the most under-rated beauty & health food. A nutrient present in plants beta carotene is carotene. It acts as a provitamin A, which means that your body may transform it into vitamin A. One 1/2-cup (100-gram) roasted sweet potato provides enough beta carotene to meet more than six times the daily value for vitamin A. Beta carotene and other carotenoids contribute to the health of your skin by functioning as a natural sunscreen. When eaten, this antioxidant is absorbed into the skin, where it assists in protecting the skin cells from UV damage. Incorporate these wonderful beauty foods into your diet and welcome the inner radiance and outer sheen that lasts forever.


You are cleaning your hands all day long with sanitizers and hand washes, practicing enough social distancing, wearing masks, and following all guidelines composed by the government to stay protected from the dangerous covid-19 virus. But is that enough to be safe from covid-19? Do all these things make you healthy during this tough situation? NUTRITION- Proper nutrition and hydration are vital. People who eat a well-balanced diet tend to be healthier with stronger immune systems and a lower risk of chronic illnesses and infectious diseases. Include superfoods in your diet, switch to healthy options. Consume enough fiber because it contributes to a healthy digestive system and offers a prolonged feeling of fullness, which helps prevent overeating. Aim to include vegetables, fruit, pulses, and wholegrain foods in all meals. Limit salt, sugar, fat & processed foods intake. DON'T PANIC- As everyone is surrounded by some medicines to be consumed every day and night. Along with taking medicine, try to reduce some stress. Everyone has some stress whether financial, education or any other, don't make your mind covered all round with stress. Get some fresh air and don't overthink. This will automatically result in a reduction of stress and you can adopt a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic. SLEEP ENOUGH According to research, good sleep helps the body to rejuvenate and gives strength to fight infections and diseases. That's why at least 8 hours of sleep during the coronavirus is important. Avoid drinking large amounts of strong coffee, strong tea, and especially caffeinated soft drinks and energy drinks. These may lead to dehydration and can negatively impact your sleeping patterns. Drink turmeric milk to unwind before bedtime. EAT FRESH By eating fresh and good amounts of fruits and vegetables means that you are consuming enough zinc, vitamin D and other mandatory minerals for your body. If you consume all these, you are making your immune system strong enough to fight off all the diseases, bacteria and viruses from your body and leaving your body clean, healthy and hygienic amid the pandemic situation. MAINTAIN APPROPRIATE BODY WEIGHT During the pandemic, everyone is there at their homes and eating anything all day long which increases the body weight. It's suggested to avoid a lot of chips, crackers, bread and sweets which only result in the increased body weight and not a healthy and prominent weight. With the consumption of all the fried food, you should intake salads and vegetables which will give you a healthy and ideal weight. FUEL UP Fueling up means consumption of high carbs diet food. The low carbs don't give enough fuel to your body to fight off germs and viruses, that's why in the pandemic you consume carbohydrate and fiber rich food for growing your immunity. You can also intake some juices and immunity boosters to make your immune system capable of fighting diseases and viruses. EXERCISE Following a regular schedule of exercising for at least 50 to 60 means will boost your body functioning. This physical activity involves various laughing exercises, walking, yoga, running in the homes and doing household work to avoid the risk of trapping the virus to your body. But avoid doing much exercise which your body cannot resist because it may result in tiredness, weakness and sickness. If you follow these tips amid covid-19, you can expect your body to function well without any kind of health issues. So start these from today and live a healthy lifestyle amid covid-19 too.


FLAX SEEDS; ULTIMATE BEAUTY FOOD FOR SKIN, HAIR, AND NAIL! Nutritional powerhouse; flax seeds has been consumed for generations. It has been used as a common beauty ingredient in India and Egypt for many years. There are two types of flax seeds; these advantages are associated with the brown flax seeds that have been enhanced with omega-three fatty acids. Following is the list of the best beauty applications for flax seeds. ANTI-AGING Flax seeds are antioxidant and phytochemical powerhouses. It makes them an excellent anti-aging treatment since they assist in tightening skin pores and moisturizing and nourishing the skin, and it is nutrient-dense, which aids in eliminating toxins and dead skin cells while also encouraging the creation of healthy skin cells. Flax seeds include omega fatty acids, which encourage collagen synthesis in the skin and help prevent wrinkles. ANTI-ACNE A variety of factors can cause acne outbreaks. Flax seeds help regulate sebum production, which is the primary cause of acne. Sebum produced in excess can attract bacteria and debris, resulting in the formation of acne. Additionally, it moisturizes your skin while regulating sebum production, ensuring that your skin does not get dry. NATURAL SKIN A RADIANCE Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to the youthful appearance and radiance of your skin. Additionally, flax seeds are high in vital minerals such as iron, magnesium, and vitamins, all of which contribute to healthy, bright skin. Rather than spending lots of money on fish, go for flax seeds to get the omega fatty acid advantages. ENHANCES THE TONE OF THE SKIN Additionally, flaxseeds aid in the improvement of skin tone and texture. The seed is moisturizing and aids in keeping the skin from drying out. Omega fatty acids improve the appearance of the skin and help to eliminate tan or uneven skin tone. ANTI- INFLAMMATORY Omega-3 fatty acids have potent anti-inflammatory qualities that aid in the elimination of rashes! It aids in the soothing and cooling of the skin. It accelerates your body's healing process whenever you have an inflammatory reaction such as rashes or redness. For optimal effects, combine powdered flaxseeds with your favourite carrier oil and massage the region for a few minutes three times a week. SOOTHING MOISTURIZER If you've ever had dry, tight skin, you should incorporate flax seeds into your diet. Flaxseeds are high in fatty acids and vitamins, which assist maintain the moisture level of your skin. Alternatively, you may use the flaxseed gel as a daily moisturizer to get the advantages of flaxseed. STRONG NAILS AND HAIR If you suffer from dry, brittle nails and hair, flax seeds can assist you in growing long, strong nails and hair. Due to the omega fatty acids included, it aids in the strengthening and miniaturization of cuticles and nails. SCRUB WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS Flaxseed is a beautiful rejuvenator, gently exfoliating dead skin cells to reveal soft baby skin. All you need are flaxseed powder, yogurt, and honey. Combine these items and gently exfoliate your skin for 5 minutes. Keep letting it continue for 5 minutes before washing with cold water. After washing off, you may feel the silky smooth texture. FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN,HAIR AND NAILS; EAT SEEDS EVERYDAY- TRY BEUNOSH MULTI-SEEDS MIX By now you know how seeds can enhance beauty inside-out. Seeds are extremely nutritious & are great sources of fibre, healthy monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and many important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. When consumed as part of a healthy diet, seeds can help reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. Our Super Seeds Mix is a premium quality mix for super health & beauty benefits. High in fiber, amino acids & fatty acids; it’s great for digestion, intestinal health, and weight loss. WHAT'S IN IT- ORGANIC FLAX SEEDS, SUNFLOWER SEEDS, PUMPKIN, WATERMELON SEEDS, GARDEN CRESS. HOW TO USE- Ready to eat; Mix in as a smoothie booster, meal enhancer or just mix in half cup plain water & gulp; if not fond of seeds taste. Add over to your favorite cereals, porridge, paratha, roti, puri, thepla flour, Bread Flour, Cookies etc for extra nutrients boost.


When it's about a healthy Indian diet, chapatti or roti holds all importance. It is the staple diet of every Indian thali or plate. Just like Indian food is incomplete without pulse and rice, similarly, Indian food is not even complete with the perfect chapati. Made from whole grain wheat flour there are various variations of wheat flours available such as sharbati wheat, sihore wheat, common bread wheat, durum wheat, stone vs steel milling and regular wheat. But among all these varieties; KHAPLI or EMMER wheat stands stall. Also called samba, emmer or diabetic wheat. Khapli or Emmer wheat is enriched with properties that help treat cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Emmer wheat lowers the amount of lipid and glucose in the blood making this wheat a healthier option for fitness enthusiasts. Unlike regular wheat, emmer wheat is fully loaded with dietary fibers and gives you energy all day long. REASONS FOR CHOOSING EMMER WHEAT OVER REGULAR WHEAT 1- RICH IN FIBERS Because emmer wheat is enriched in fibers unlike regular wheat, it helps in maintaining an ideal weight and manages the bowel level appropriately. Emmer wheat also helps in curing and treating numerous diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, and several others. Also by consuming emmer wheat you are allowing your bowel bacteria to adjust the changes. Whereas regular wheat is rich in carbs and other nutrients but does not benefit the body as much as emmer wheat does. 2- HELPS IN CONTROLLING DIABETES Khapli or emmer wheat is less gluten-free and has a less glycemic index which helps in controlling diabetes from the body. Emmer wheat can lower down blood glucose, lipid levels, and high-temperature stress tolerance as compared to regular wheat. Emmer wheat is not only enriched with fiber but also has an adequate amount of protein which helps in preventing high blood sugar levels, hence making it the perfect choice for diabetic patients. 3- LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX The GI of any food item depends upon the type and amount of carb molecules in the food. Also the fat, protein and organic acids content define the GI of any food item. To maintain perfect hygiene and health, it's crucial to maintain a low glycemic index. And emmer wheat has a low GI and helps in balancing good sugar levels of the body. And especially for pregnant women consumption of emmer wheat is important because it helps in maintaining the right growth of the fetus. Whereas low GI cannot be achieved with regular wheat consumption. 4- EASY TO DIGEST For attaining healthier digestive systems and reducing constipation problems, emmer wheat is useful. By consuming emmer wheat, in just a few weeks the bacteria of the bowel can adjust itself without arising constipation problems. Also, it's suggested for those persons to intake emmer wheat who have consistently constipation problems. Unlike regular wheat, emmer wheat can be digested easily in the human body and makes the body and bowel lightweight. 5- VITAMINS AND MINERALS Vitamins and minerals go hand in hand. And everyone knows how crucial vitamins and minerals are for the human body. But sometimes, people ignore vitamins and minerals in their daily diet. That's why emmer wheat should be consumed because it is enriched in vitamin B3 and minerals which makes the bones, teeth, muscles, cells and tissues stronger for the well-functioning of the human body. Through this article, it can be concluded that emmer wheat is comparatively much better than regular wheat. Eating emmer wheat will make the body healthy and stronger.


A nutrient-dense food that is beneficial to the body is called a superfood. We all know the famous western counterpart “Golden Latte” which we call ‘Haldi ka doodh in India’ Today Turmeric & many such superfoods are daily consumed in India & grown in abundance in our backyards are perhaps making the world healthy too! Popping expensive multi-vitamin pills, protein powders, synthetic gummies, and vitamin powders might be the new trend but nothing can beat the superfoods sitting on our kitchen shelves. In this article, we talk about our favorite Indian superfoods that help boost immunity & that are loved by the world. TURMERIC (HALDI)- Coming from the root of the Curcuma longa plant, widely used superfoods in Asia; Haldi or Turmeric is found in every Indian home and community kitchen. Apart from adding vibrant color, aroma & texture to food; turmeric contains the chemical curcumin. Curcumin and other chemicals in turmeric help decrease swelling (inflammation). Because of this, turmeric might be beneficial for treating conditions that involve inflammation, swelling, joint pain. Turmeric also helps fight seasonal infections, sore throat, cough & cold if consumed in form of Tea or Golden milk. DRUMSTICKS (MORINGA)- Popular in south Indian dishes; moringa or drumsticks have gained huge popularity globally. Rich source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, C, D, essential Amino acids, fiber, and antioxidants such as beta-carotene and flavonoids; moringa is used in many ways today globally in the form of tea, smoothies etc. FINGER MILLETS (RAGI) Quinoa might be famous in the world of millets but nothing beats our wholesome finger millet! This super grain is extremely nutritious, rich in vitamin D & iron. Being gluten-free it’s your go-to grain if you are looking at weight loss or allergic to gluten. It’s great for diabetics as it's low in GI & helps regulate blood sugar levels. Extremely nutritious for kids so much so as it's introduced to babies as early food for strong bones & teeth. COCONUT- Consumed in various ways; coconut is super rich in many nutrients, protein & ascorbic acids. It neutralizes the pH balance by alkalizing the body. Coconut was detoxing & revitalized the body, the oil is used widely in India for cooking as well as topical application due to its rich moisturizing property. Black Pepper (Kali Mirch) It is the exposer spice of India. Earlier, it was used as a health booster, but nowadays it is used to garnish dishes. Also known as the black pepper it contains the piperine compound which helps in cleaning the harmful toxicants of the body. Kali Enriched with antioxidants which also have an anti-inflammatory effect on bacterial germs. For consuming the kali mirch, it's best to mix a small spoon of it with the honey and eat it. Indian Basil (Tulsi) It's the holy leaf that is used in worshipping God in Hindu mythology. Apart from being used in worship, it's capable of healing fever, headaches, cold, sore throat, and cough because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Tulsi also helps in improving digestion and treating respiratory ailments. There is no need to spend any penny because it can be grown in the home with sunlight and water. Tulsi acts best when it's added as a raw leaf to regular tea or a cup of green tea. Indian Gooseberry (Amla) Indian gooseberry; super-rich in vitamin C, has powerful antioxidant properties. Known for boosting immunity through increasing white blood cells in the body which helps in preventing infections, diseases, flu, and more. Amla is also helpful in improving digestive health, improve eye-sight, promote excellent hair & skin health. One can have it in raw form as fruit or consume it in powder form. Black Plum (Jamun) Not so palatable due to its sour taste; black plum is a seasonal fruit in India. Black Jamun is an excellent blood purifier, improves the digestive system, controls blood pressure, and also regulates sugar levels. Easily available in your kitchen at home; incorporate these superfoods in your daily diet for better immunity & vitality.
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