Not that we dislike Modern Production techniques; we simply believe in centuries old Production methods when it comes to roasting, grinding, churning etc. For simple reasons like these methods are far more effective in retaining original nutrients & compositions; and it’s a simplistic approach to keep us with holistic & traditional vibrations. All our products are crafted fresh as per orders; we do not pre-prep any products & nor do we Mproduce. We only follow
procedures that our grandmothers would approve of!


Each product at BEUNOSH is intuitively formulated to bring out proven, effective healing powers of ancient food for mind, body & soul. All our
dry ingredients are low-temperature dried to preserve nutrients, enzymes and sensitive plant compounds. All ingredients are either grown or prepared bio
dynamically, or sourced organically, while supporting small, sustainable, indigenous Indian farmer.


All our products are compilations of Simple and Clean Ingredients. Only REAL FOOD. No fillers. No preservatives. No artificial colors. No artificial sweeteners. For Quality Control; we have Empanelment of Farmers with whom we have pre-defined guidelines for the produce, they are trained by our experts to used different variety of Naturally Occurring Organic fertilizers & not use any Synthetic Fertilizers, Chemicals & sprays.


Each ingredient is directly sourced from our partner farms to bring you next level flavor and purity. Currently we are sourcing organic millets, pulses, oils,
herbs, spices direct from our partner farmers from across India.

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